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粟津 邦男(大阪大学経営企画オフィス長)

Kunio AWAZU(Director, Office of Management and Planning)



この度の大阪大学経営システムの改革に伴い、経営企画オフィスは、金田安史統括理事(大学経営、OU構想策定担当)の下、知・人材・資金の好循環を生む「研究開発エコシステム」を始めとした施策の構築・深化に向け、本学の強みや弱みを的確に分析するIR(Institutional Research)機能を高め、それをもとに本部・部局の執行部や研究者への支援を行うURA機能の強化を図って参ります。



"for yOU"




I was appointed Director of the Office of Management and Planning on 26 August 2019 by Professor Shojiro Nishio, President of Osaka University.

The Office of Management and Planning was established in April 2016 to strengthen Osaka University’s education, research, social contribution and internationalization. By gathering and analyzing relevant information for policy planning, strategic decision making and policy proposals, the Office of Management and Planning aims to support Osaka University’s senior executive and research community.

With the recent reforms of Osaka University’s management system under the leadership of Professor Yasufumi Kaneda, Senior Executive Vice President (Management and Planning and Planning of OU vision), our office will enhance its IR (Institutional Research) function to accurately analyze the University’s strengths and weaknesses in order to foster a “Research and Development Ecosystem” which will create a virtuous cycle of knowledge, human resources, and funding. Based on these measures we will strengthen the URA function to support the University’s senior executive team and research community.

The President of Osaka University is determined to create a cross-functional system. In other words, a purposeful and functional system that stretches beyond departments and the administrative system. With this in mind, our office will focus on providing genuine support through active discussion with each individual and group who receives our assistance, which will in turn help us gain the understanding and support of the wider university community.

In order for Osaka University to become a world leading university as stated in the framework proposal of the Designated National University Corporation, all staff in the Office of Management and Planning are combining both IR and URA functions

"for yOU"

(for you all in Osaka University and for Osaka University)

Through close partnerships with relevant administrative departments, beginning with the Strategic Management Division, we will do our best to gain the understanding and cooperation of people from both within and outside Osaka University.

Director, Office of Management and Planning

大阪大学経営企画オフィスの概要 / About Us



Our office reports directly to the executive vice-president and has three sections: Evaluation, URA(University Research Administrator), IR(Institutional Research) .

Please visit websites of each section for more details and feel free to contact us.

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Evaluation Section


Our mission is to support university evaluations from a viewpoint of the expert of program evaluation and quality assurance, and to develop new evaluation schemes responding to the characteristics on university management.

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Research Management and Administration Section


We support grant application, publication in dissemination/ outreach, and the university's executive decisions by analyzing research data.


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Institutional Research Section


Our mission is to collect, integrate institutional and external data to support decision-making, planning, and policy development. We also develop and maintain information systems for sustained growth.


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