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村田 正幸(大阪大学経営企画オフィス長)

Masayuki Murata(Director, Office of Management and Planning)




Following the demand for strategic management, as stipulated in the Japanese governmental “Strategy for Strengthening Management at National Universities” (June 2015), national universities are required to organize management systems that allow for greater autonomy and accountability. In order to comply with this demand, Osaka University underwent an organizational reconstruction in April 2016 to revitalize its missions to educate, research and contribute to society and internationalization, and the Office of Management and Planning was established with the purpose of supporting the management’s governance through provision of information and analyses necessary for establishing policies and making strategic decisions and proposals for new Osaka University measures.

Furthermore, with the aim of reforming the university’s governance, it was decided in August 2017 to strengthen its managerial and operational functions and to develop a steady and progressive management system. The Office of Management and Planning has been furnished with the capacity to perform dynamic project management to strengthen support of new university management structures.

How the Office of Management and Planning will contribute to the university’s management and research activities is one of the keys to increasing Osaka University’s competitiveness in its strive to become a world-leading comprehensive research university. In close collaboration with academic and administrative staff, we are dedicated to support university management and to strengthen the basis for supporting research and research promotion. We welcome and appreciate intramural as well as extramural support and understanding for our activities.

大阪大学経営企画オフィスの概要 / About Us



Our office reports directly to the executive vice-president and has five sections: Strategic Planning and Development, Institutional Research, Research Management and Administration, Evaluation, and Planning (Office members).

Please visit websites of each section for more details and feel free to contact us.

各部門の紹介 / At Your Service


Strategic Planning and Development Section


We support OU management team for planning and developing the strategy on University Management, Research, and Education by in-house think tank functions.

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Institutional Research Section


Our mission is to collect, integrate institutional and external data to support decision-making, planning, and policy development. We also develop and maintain information systems for sustained growth.


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Research Strategy Planning Section


We support the management team for planning and developing university research strategy and research governance through analyzing university research performance.

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Research Management and Administration Section


We support grant application, publication in dissemination/ outreach, and the university's executive decisions by analyzing research data.


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Evaluation Section


Our mission is to support university evaluations from a viewpoint of the expert of program evaluation and quality assurance, and to develop new evaluation schemes responding to the characteristics on university management.

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Planning Section


We ensure seamless execution of organizational management operations through planning and coordination of all activities within the Office.



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